TikTok adds subscription model to compete with Twitch

By Jean Valjean May 24, 2022
TikTok is adding a subscription model so that creators can monetise their content 

TikTok has added a subscription model that enables its creators to monetise their content.

It has implemented Twitch’s feature where users can follow their favourite broadcasters for free but can also monetarily support the streamers by subscribing for a fixed fee that also gets them special privileges.

TikTok has followed this model under the term LIVE subscriptions where it will offer exclusive perks for participating fans that will include “subs-only chat, badges, emotes, and even the ability to control streamers’ cameras.”

While Twitch has a tier system, it remains unclear whether TikTok will follow a similar system.

The app’s LIVE subscriptions beta will begin on May 26 to a handful of creators.