Amber Heard's estimated net worth for 2022 revealed

By Jean Valjean May 17, 2022
Amber Heard's estimated net worth for 2022 revealed

Star Amber Heard, who is caught up in a defamation trial with husband Johnny Depp, has left fans curious about her current net worth.

Millions of people have invested in Amber’s high-profile libel trial against Johnny, which has cost her $50 million.

The Aquaman starlet’s net worth is estimated to be $8 million as of 2022, according to Fox Business.

Amber started her acting career in 2005 with a small role in the movie Drop Dead Sexy and since then has gained recognition in Hollywood.

Her most well-known role to date stands Mera in Aquaman, for which she paid a total of $15 million for both first and second film.

While her ex-husband Johnny has a $100 million property portfolio, Amber is claimed to live in Yacca Valley in California with her one-year old daughter, whose father remains unknown.

Around 9 million people are following the trial live-streamed every day.