Ludwig Ahgren instantly regrets giving fans chance to name his cat

By Madison Raymond May 17, 2022
Ludwig Ahgren instantly regretted giving fans the choice to name his kitten

YouTube streamer Ludwig Ahgren was in for a ride when he made the rookie error by asking his views to suggest him some names for his kitten as the name Cracker was a popular choice.

Ludwig visibly regretted the move as there was a 'cracker' controversy that dominated Twitch just 6 months ago as Hasan, Bruce Ray, and Froste were slapped with bans for using a 'racially charged' term linking to the name.

Despite the name Cracker taking the cake, Ludwig threw in a poll between Coots and Cracker in an attempt to avoid choosing the name.

Finally, Coots won the poll with 54% of the votes while Crackers took 46%.