Charli D'Amelio gets plethora of new ink during fun 'tattoo day'

By George Johnson May 17, 2022
Charli D'Amelio went out for a fun 'tattoo day' where she got multiple things inked on her body

Charli D’Amelio went for a tattoo day where she got a bunch of new ink and gave fans a look at what she got.

In her latest video on TikTok, the social media star showed off multiple micro designs which ranged from an ‘@’ symbol on her middle finger along with the word ‘smile’ on her index finger along with the word ‘breathe’ on her other index finger.

She also got new arm tattoos where she got a Taurus symbol, representing her zodiac sign as well as an illustration of a hatching chick on the back of her arm.

She also got ‘rebel’ inked underneath what looks like dog ears on her upper arm. 

She did not specify if there were any hidden meaning behind the tattoo.