Bryce Hall to make comeback to boxing; guess who he will fight

By Betty Cruise May 16, 2022
Bryce Hall to make comeback to boxing; guess who he will fight 

TikToker Bryce Hall announced that he will be returning to the boxing ring with a fight this summer, leaving his fans excited.

The 22-year-old Bryce made his influencer boxing debut in 2021 as part of the Social Gloves Battle of the Platforms Event, which saw a host of YouTubers and TikTokers go up against each other.

Taking to twitter, Bryce confirmed, "BOXING MATCH THIS SUMMER; I’m coming back baby."

He has not yet revealed who he will be fighting against, but fans then immediately speculated about the possible opponent.

Perhaps the most likely contenders, The Island Boys have been involved in an online back-and-forth with Bryce for months now over a potential boxing match.

However, in an April 28 YouTube vlog, Bryce claimed that the influencers had accepted his offer.

"The Island Boys finally accepted my offer to fight in a boxing match, 2v1. They fell right into my trap. The Island Boys are f**ked."

He added, "They realized very quickly how fast they were falling into irrelevance. I am not only a killer, I revive people’s careers! Island Boys, I can’t wait to fight you."

Although it's unlikely that Jake Paul or KSI themselves would fight Bryce as they have their own events set for the summer, leading some fans to think that Bryce will be appearing on the undercard for one of them.