Body language experts deflate the popular green line test on TikTok

The green line test aims to decipher the role of an individual in a relationship

By Melanie Aiden May 13, 2022
Body language experts deflate the popular green line test on TikTok 

TikTokers have long since been going viral with their attempts at the green line test on the TikTok app, with some experts disregarding its accuracy.  

The test aims to determine the role each person plays in a relationship, but not everyone is convinced by the theory.

This short-form video application has become a popular place to share a range of tips, tricks and life hacks.

A Body language expert named Joe Navarro told Bustle, "The green line body language test is rubbish. There is no science to support it, and has no legitimacy in logic, as humans are highly complex in how they display emotions bearing in mind that non-verbals are fluid and contextual."

However, according to some experts the test could have some merit.

Another proficient one Janine Driver claimed, "Every couple I put to the test ended up proving the test accurate."

TikTok commentators are quite split by the leaked test, with many focusing on various factors that can affect the tilt of the lines, such as height or camera angle.

Despite the controversy, the trend continues to generate millions of likes and views.