YouTuber Corinna Kopf suspended from Twitch yet again

By Madison Raymond May 13, 2022
YouTuber Corinna Kopf suspended from Twitch yet again 

Social media star Corinna Kopf has been banned from Twitch months after making a comeback to the platform following exit from Facebook gaming.

The hugely popular Kopf first gained fame on YouTube after which she notably made a switch to gaming and got back on Twitch in March 2022, but a few months later she was prohibited to join the site once again.

The SteamerBans twitter account announced the major ordeal, "Twitch Partner "CORINNAKOPF" has been banned!"

The famed YouTuber has now tweeted reasons behind her alleged suspension, "I was banned due to inappropriate attire, as shown by an email I received from platform Twitch."

"Ain’t the first time," she added.

According to the mail, it was confirmed that the violation occurred in her profile, leaving netizens to believe that her display picture prompted the ban.

So far, the layoff is only 24 hours long, so fans will be able to tune into her streams starting from May 13. 

However, this did not turn out to be a huge blow on Kopf's revenue stream.