YouTuber Benjamin Rich detained at Russian space centre

By Samantha David May 09, 2022
Benjamin Rich detained at Russian space centre 

YouTuber Benjamin Rich was arrested and detained by the authorities in Kazakhstan for allegedly exploring a Russian-owned space center.

Rich is known by the moniker Bald and Bankrupt on YouTube with over 3.5 million people turning in for his Vlogs.

His journey to a Russian controlled space area proved the most controversial.

It is pertinent to know that Rich had been held into custody along with his wife Alina Tseliupa at the Baikonur Cosmodrome.

While he was initially held at launchpad the YouTuber was also released and fined for his unauthorized exploration of the area.

His followers were all concerned after news of his arrest circulated online and responded to them, "Apparently people think I’m in a gulag because of some Twitter post."

He continued, "I was questioned by Russian police for a few hours for going to see the Buran Rocket, without the special permission and given a £60 administrative fine, just like hundreds of foreign adventurers before me."

Before heading to the Cosmodrome, the sensation was last spotted admiring Soviet mosaics in an unspecified location on social media.