MrBeast not been posting on YouTube for THis reason

By Betty Cruise May 08, 2022
MrBeast not been posting on YouTube for THis reason 

MrBeast Donaldson revealed the ‘giga brain’ reason behind not being active on YouTube lately.

The star’s YouTube page is the most subscribed on the platform creeping into the top five, surpassing 90 million followers being the most innovative of all.

In 2022, things have been a little slower as five months into the year MrBeast has only posted three videos due to him working on two massive projects that could rival his $3.5 million Squid Game video.

Giving a short sneak peek into his upcoming project, MrBeast on twitter wrote, "We’re in the early stages of recreating Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory (this photo is like 10% of it)."

Further revealing an ambitious project the star added, "While building this, we also have to terraform an island, I’m giving away an island for $100 million."

"Please excuse the lack of videos. My giga brain thought it’d be a good idea to do two Squid Game level videos at the same time." 

MrBeast decided to trade off quantity for quality.