Sophie Turner plans on relocating to England

By Melanie Aiden May 06, 2022
Sophie Turner plans on relocating to England 

Actress Sophie Turner wants to return to her native England for some peace of mind!

She is recently facing an unsettling situation in America due to which she intends to reach her final destination.

Talking to Elle UK Magazine, the Time Freak actress said, "I miss England so much. The people, the attitude, everything."

The star who is currently residing in Miami with her hubby Joe Jonas is looking to go to England for the sake of her growing family and mental health.

She went on to add, "I’m slowly dragging my husband back. I really love living in America but, for my mental health, I have to be around my friends and my family."

Turner also thinks that her child would receive a better education back in her native country.

The Louis Vuitton ambassador described her parents home as the "the epitome of the English countryside.”