Pokimane responds to LinusTechTips' hurtful comments

By Ellen James May 06, 2022
Pokimane took to Twitter to responded to LinusTechTips' comments on Twitch advertising 

Twitch streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys has responded at the hurtful comments she received from tech creator LinusTechTips.

Pokimane had offered different ways Twitch could change up their advertising platform however her suggestions didn’t sit well with LinusTechTips who hit out at the streamer for her "terrible take".

In turn she took to Twitter to express her how hurt she was from the comments.

"Hey, just saw a clip where you discussed my tweet on your podcast," Poki replied in a tweet.

"I wanted to let you know that I felt the way you read my tweet in a mocking tone and referred to me as a ‘nameless creator’ albeit also replying to this tweet was odd and hurtful."

Imane continued, breaking down Linus’s comments about the advertisements: "I understand that less aggressive forms of advertising aren’t as profitable, but that doesn’t mean the current system is the best one.

"In my opinion, further interrupting the essence of what makes streaming special, the live interaction is more detrimental to Twitch than the 50/50 split instead of 70/30."

LunisTechTips reponded to the star apologising for his words.