Artesian Builds files for bankruptcy following backlash from Twitch streamers

By Maryland Hargreaves April 28, 2022
Artesian Builds' CEO misbehaved with a Twitch streamer which set off all the issues that led to their bankruptcy 

PC builders and Twitch streaming company Artesian Builds has filed for bankruptcy following a spectacular downfall over a recent controversy.

For the unversed, Artesian Builders were embroiled in a two-month-long controversy after its CEO Noah Katz roasted a small streamer, going by the name Kiapiaa, and refused to give her a PC which she won in a giveaway.

As a consequence, they were dropped from a lot of their sponsorship partners and a lot of their shady business practices within the company unfolded.

As of 28th April, the company filed for bankruptcy and ended dealings of the company as revealed in an email sent out to the company’s debtors.