Dua Lipa finds comfort in maintaining privacy

By Celebpost Desk January 26, 2022
Dua Lipa finds comfort in maintaining privacy: Read 

Singer Dua Lipa prefers to keep her relationships private on every level especially considering that she has her high-profile music career.

Lipa was grateful and credited her loved ones for keeping her mind on track.

In an interview with WSJ Magazine, the Levitating singer said, "Something that I've realized over time is how little people actually know. I've made peace with the fact that people can think what they want to think, but no one really, truly knows what's happening behind closed doors."

“My family and my friends keep me so grounded, and it gives me some kind of comfort that not everything is out there that would take away from your life and privacy.”

Lipa called it quits from her long time partner Anwar Hadid and since then has been very close to her family.

The singer is all set to make her big-screen debut in a spy thriller.