'It'll be Okay': Shawn Mendes drops emotional new music single

By Celebpost Desk January 14, 2022
'It'll be Okay": Shawn Mendes drops emotional new music single 

Following break up with girlfriend Camila Cabello, singer Shawn Mendes released a new music video It'll Be Okay which touched deep into the hearts of fans.

In the video, Shawn was spotted strolling around the streets as he got carried away in the somber ambiance of the song’s emotional lyrics.

The 23 year-old sings, “I start to envision a future where we don’t clash, it’s making me sick.”

In a video on social media, the Falling All in You singer said, ”I think that when I compose music, the ultimate goal is to kind of be sitting there and have some type of my own truth exposed to me.”

“And I usually use music as a platform to get to a point inside of myself while I’m writing songs. I’m just so proud of that song. And I’m so thankful that you guys are connecting with it.”

Mendes went on a digital detox after breaking up with his love Camila.