Queen Elizabeth's platinum jubilee festivity plans unveiled: Read

By Celebpost Desk January 11, 2022
Queen Elizabeth's platinum jubilee festivity plans unveiled 

The United Kingdom will celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s platinum jubilee as she served 70 years on the throne with a military parade, claimed by Buckingham Palace.

Queen Elizabeth was the first British monarch to rule for 7 decades.

For the unversed, the anniversary would culminate in a four-day weekend of events but it is unclear as to how many events would the Queen take part in after the health scare as she was advised complete bed rest.

The weekend includes an extra public holiday scheduled in honor of the Queen which is set to on Thursday June 2.

On June 3, a service of Thanksgiving would be solemnized marking her long service as a ruler, her other realms and the Commonwealth.

For the unversed, the palace will sponsor the Platinum pudding competition in order to create a new dessert dedicated to the monarch which would be open to residents of the UK as young as 8 and will be judged by various cooking personalities.

There will be around 200,000 neighborhood events across the UK.

Dancers, musicians and military personnel will tell the epic story of the Queen’s reign