Hugh Jackman thrilled on being back to Broadways Music Man

Celebpost Desk|January 09, 2022
Hugh Jackman thrilled on being back to Broadway's 'Music Man'

Star Hugh Jackman announced his return to Broadway’s The Music Man following his recovery from COVID.

The star chronicled his reappearance in public while wearing a white face mask.

Hugh was excited over his reuniting with cast and crew of the Music Man.

In a video on Instagram, the Logan star said, “I can’t tell you how fantastic this moment feels.”

Further elaborating, Jackman stated, “To all those people who had tickets for the last 10 days, I’m so sorry. I hope, I pray, that you’ll have a chance to reschedule.”

By signing off, Jackman revealed, “But … I’m so excited to be back and to bring this show — which is just pure joy and full of hope and belief and faith — back to Broadway.”

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