Nicolas Cage will never return to karaoke after private ‘Purple Rain leaked

Melanie Aiden|January 07, 2022
Nicolas Cage will never return to karaoke after private ‘Purple Rain’ leaked

Nicolas Cage recently wore his heart on his sleeve and candidly admitted that he has no plans of returning to karaoke following the leak he suffered.

The Oscar-winning actor shed light on the leak during his roundtable interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

He started it all off by admitting, For me, karaoke was like therapy until someone videotaped my punk-rock version of Prince's 'Purple Rain' and it went everywhere and I said, 'I'm not going to karaoke anymore'.”

Almost immediately, fellow interviewees Andrew Garfield, Jonathan Majors, Peter Dinklage, and Simon Rex seemed understanding of Cage’s plight by Garfield urged him “to keep giving” and wanted him not to "steal the gift from the world."

Cage seemed touched by the appreciation and admitted, "Well, singing is therapy, I think. Absolutely. Karaoke's supposed to be private. It's like a prayer."

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