John Legend spills the beans on upcoming plans for the ‘Love in Las Vegas’ Residency

By Melanie Aiden January 06, 2022
John Legend spills the beans on upcoming plans for the ‘Love in Las Vegas’ Residency

Award-winning singer and songwriter John Legend highlights his plans for the upcoming Love in Las Vegas Residency.

The singer addressed his plans for the Residency in a candid interview with Billboard.

There he was quoted saying, “We loved the show. I thought it was beautifully put together. The performance was amazing and Gwen was in top form.”

“It was really inspiring to watch her do that and know that we could possibly be on that same stage. And I’m excited that we’ve sealed the deal with Caesars Entertainment.”

He also shared a sneak peek into the upcoming setlist and added, “The setlist will be a cool, career retrospective. A little more about older songs for my fans from back in 2004—they will hear everything they’ve loved over the years.”

He also went on to say, “We’ll play songs from all the albums. My whole catalogue—my whole career summed up in a performance.”

“This is the 15-year anniversary of Once Again, my second album. It’s amazing that we’ve had a sustained impact for this long. And it’s also weird when you meet new artists who say, ‘I grew up listening to you.”

“We’re so fortunate to be in a position where we’ve had longevity and people still want to hear what we have to offer. And I’m still making new music.”

Before concluding he also admitted, “I’m planning to put new music out next year, too. But I want to celebrate my whole career. I’m so grateful to have this many years to mine my repertoire of music.”