Rupert Grint reveals how fatherhood ‘completely changed’ his focus

By Melanie Aiden January 04, 2022
Rupert Grint reveals how fatherhood ‘completely changed’ his focus

Harry Potter actor Rupert Grint recently wore his heart on his sleeve and shed some light on how his life completely changed since he embraced fatherhood.

Grint got candid about it all during one of his most recent interviews with Entertainment Tonight.

He started off by admitting, “It's great. I'm absolutely loving being a dad. It's just the best thing. It's amazing how it completely kind of takes over everything. It's all I really care about, so it's been great."

Ever since he became a father, the idea of playing characters that deal with the loss of infant life has made that "kind of level of loss is unimaginable."

he also added, "[Fatherhood], it's definitely changed my perspective. Since becoming a dad, kind of midway through, just to really have a better sense of what that can do to a family.”

“And yeah, I mean, it's quite hard for me to kind of really completely face that directly. I just find it just incredible. It's a weird place to be, especially when Wednesday first came.”

“I remember I brought her to the set this season. She thought she was at 'Sesame Street', which was very far away from 'Sesame Street'. But yeah, it's really interesting."

But there are also moments where Grint wakes up into the night and checks on his daughter to make sure she is still breathing.

"I don't want to go too into detail, but the first night was just terrifying. You can't sleep at all, just constantly checking that she's breathing.”

“Sleeping, in general, for me, is something I've really struggled with. I think as a kid, people always said, 'They died in their sleep,' so I always thought sleep was a really dangerous, dangerous thing."