Nicole Kidman slams reporters ‘toxic masculinity after Tom Cruise questions

Melanie Aiden|December 31, 2021
Nicole Kidman slams reporter’s ‘toxic masculinity’ after Tom Cruise questions

Actor Nicole Kidman recently clapped back against a sexist reporter for their questions against ex-husband Tom Cruise.

The conversation arose during one of Kidman’s latest interviews with The Guardian for Lucille Ball.

There the star’s comments on not being able to ‘make people behave how you want them to’ tempted the interviewer to ask if she referenced her ex-husband Tom Cruise.

For those unversed, her comment included a candid take on marriage, for she believes “This film says you can make an extraordinary relationship thrive and leave remnants of it that exist forever. Yeah, that’s really gorgeous.”

“You can’t make people behave how you want them to, and sometimes you’re going to fall in love with someone who isn’t going to be the person you spend the rest of your life with.”

This rings true for the actor, especially since “You may have kids with them. You may not, but they were very much in love.”

Kidman seemed so shocked by the interviewer’s attempts to bring Cruise into the conversation that she blurted out, “Oh, my God, no, no. Absolutely not. No. I mean, that’s, honestly, so long ago that that isn’t in this equation. So, no.”

“And I would ask not to be pigeonholed that way, either,” she made it clear to the interviewer during the course of their interview.

Before concluding she even went on to question, It feels to me almost sexist, because I’m not sure anyone would say that to a man. And at some point, you go, ‘Give me my life. In its own right.’”

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