Issa Rae opens up on ‘conflicts of interest in profession of music

Celebpost Desk|December 28, 2021
Issa Rae opens up on ‘ conflicts of interest’ in muisc industry

Actress Issa Rae described the music industry as the ‘worst’ in terms of archaic mentalities and thoughts, something shocking to discover.

The star has dipped more than a toe in the music business and launched her own record label Raedioand her new show about aspiring rappers is under works.

Issa has a lot of experience in the craft of music whose five-season run with the show ‘Insecure’ came to an end with a finale.

In an interview with the LA times, the American Princess actress said, "It's probably the worst industry I've ever come across. I thought Hollywood was crazy.”

“The music industry, it has to start all over again. There are lots of conflicts of interest. Archaic mentalities. Villains and criminals! It's an addiction industry, and I really feel for artists who need to get into it... It was something shocking to discover.”

She continued, “I do not want to be too specific, but even with making our own appointments (for soundtracks) with labels or artists, it would be so intricate. And to find out how artists were treated on other labels ... When I myself am a creator and know what I want in relation to a relationship with a production company or a producer, I would like to think that we are more artist-friendly than much of other brands and companies out there. I want to renew things."

Signing off, Issa related, “What really bums me out -- and this aligns with Hollywood -- is the way that music is rewarded. When I think about the Grammys and these other systems that are designed to reward artistic creativity and uplift artists.”

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