Dwayne Johnson gifts mom brand new car for Christmas

Melanie Aiden|December 27, 2021
Dwayne Johnson gifts mom brand new car for Christmas

Hollywood actor Dwayne Johnson recently took his mother by surprise with a brand new car for Christmas.

Johnson videotaped the entire moment and also shared it to his personal Instagram account where fans were left surprised by the duo’s display of affection.

There was also a caption that accompanied the post, and it read, “This one felt good. Surprised my mom with a new car for Christmas today. She was shocked. She got a few good ugly cries in.”

“Then once her grand babies joined her inside the car. She was overcome with pure joy joy. Hell, even Hobbs, my dog wanted to peep the whip with his new Christmas chicken”.

I’m so grateful I can do this kinda stuff for my mom, who’s had one helluva life. I don’t take any of it for granted. Neither does she. Merry Christmas ma, enjoy your new ride!!! And your Elvis records We love you. You deserve a lot more”

Check it out below:

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