BTS Jungkook addresses ‘looming pressure’ as he grows older

By Melanie Aiden December 26, 2021
BTS Jungkook addresses ‘looming pressure’ as he grows older

BTS Jungkook recently tugged at heartstrings with his candid admission about feeling overly ‘pressurized’ with the group’s growing fame internationally.

The singer had a candid heart-to-heart about it all with Vogue Korea’s latest issue.

There he was also quoted saying, “As I get older, I feel more pressure. I’m not particularly great, and I’m not that good and virtuous.”

“I’m a very ordinary person, and I’m often scolded by the other members for my immature behaviour. If the world sees us as having a positive influence, then I need to try to adjust and match my actions and thoughts to those values.”

However, he also admitted that he understands the impact BTS has on ARMYs and feels grateful for all the success he’s seen since his debut.

He was also quoted saying, “It seemed there was nothing special I could do. I’ve come to the conclusion that being good at my job, as I’ve been doing, is what I can do for ARMY.”