Tom Holland fawns over Elizabeth Olsen for iconic life advice: ‘Nos a full sentence

Melanie Aiden|December 20, 2021
Tom Holland fawns over Elizabeth Olsen for iconic life advice: ‘No’s a full sentence’

Hollywood actor Tom Holland recently gushed over Elizabeth Olsen and all the life advice she’s given him regarding standing him for himself and setting professional boundaries.

The star wore his heart on his sleeve and got candid over it all while interviewing with GQ Magazine.

There he started off by saying, “She gave me an amazing piece of advice: 'No' is a full sentence …'No' is enough.”

He even ended up implementing all her lessons during his international press tour for Spider-Man: Homecoming, back in 2017.

During said tour, he recalled a moment where the work-life balance lesson kicked in and explained, “I was under a lot of pressure to finish the day’s work. That was the first time I was really like, "No, I’m done now. I’ve given you everything’.”

During the course of his interview Holland also dished over how ‘fake it till you make it’ became one of his go-to philosophies early on in life and confessed,” As a kid, a lot of my confidence was really fake. But, really, inside I was, 'Oh, my God, I'm [expletive] terrified.”

Before concluding though, he left fans with some food for thought and revealed, “I was given this piece of advice as a kid that was really helpful, which is: If you think about the actual physical feeling of being nervous, it’s the same physical feeling as being excited.”

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