Christina Perri sheds light on personal healing journey after miscarriage last year

Melanie Aiden|November 25, 2021
Christina Perri sheds light on personal healing journey after miscarriage last year

Singer and songwriter Christina Perri recently sat down for a chat and weighed in on her personal healing journey following the miscarriage from last year.

The singer started off her trip down memory lane by telling People magazine about her plans for creating an entire album in memory of her late daughter Rose.

For those unversed, Perri created an entire lullaby album in honor of her first-born Carmella, and titled it Songs for Carmella in celebration of her birth.

While speaking about the decision Perri explained, "I released my first lullaby album, Songs for Carmella, on my daughter Carmella's 1st birthday in 2019, so I set the bar pretty high” and “I imagined doing one for all my kids."

Thus, she decided to do the same for her daughter Rose who was “born silent” at 33 weeks.

"It was the best way to honor Rosie," the singer explained. “When she passed away, I felt like the songs took on a different meaning, but they're still my song choices for her."

After an entire year of “healing in every way possible," Perri admits she is ready to finally release the album and will drop it on November 24th, the first anniversary of the day of her induced birth as a stillborn.

She also went on to say, “. We tried to keep it light and joyfully sing these songs while thinking of Rosie."

But, to this day, "When November began, it felt like clouds rolling in. Just the word November triggered something deep within me.”

But, “I will say I've been preparing for this by doing so many healing things to try to be in a good place and ready for this, and I really feel like I am."

During the course of her interview with the outlet, Perri also admitted that she plans to take her daughter Carmella to Disneyland every year in November. "I decided that we're going to go to Disney World every year on Rosie's birthday because there's no better place to honor a kid than the happiest place on earth."

After all, "To turn a sad day into joy with Carmella is the best thing we can do. We're going full out with shirts, and we're going to talk about Rosie the whole time."

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