Blake Lively reveals reason for launching cocktail line

Celebpost Desk|November 22, 2021
Blake Lively reveals reason for launching cocktail line

Blake Lively opened up on not consuming alcohol at social gatherings and the experience made her feel ‘alienated,’ which became the motivation for starting her own cocktail line, Betty Buzz.

Betty Buzz consisted of five flavours and could be consumed with or without the addition of alcohol and are Tonic water, Meyer Lemon Club Soda, Sparkling Lemon Lime, and Ginger Beer.

Speaking to People Magazine as per Daily Mail she said, "I don't drink because I don't like the effects of alcohol, but I like being a part of it. I like being social. I like people coming together. I found that sometimes not drinking, the thing that was interesting was that it was a little alienating, because you don't feel and maybe it's just in your own head but you just don't really feel a part of it."

The Gossip Girl actress only added a few ‘drops’ of alcohol to her cocktail at parties and explained, "It gives it a flavor, but it's not going to give it a sort of experience well, it'll give it a flavour experience — but not [much] alcohol."

Blake is not the first one to start a beverage line as the business ran in the family. Her husband Ryan Reynolds is the inventor-cum-owner of Aviation Gin.

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