Salma Hayek firmly carves her name in industry

Celebpost Desk|November 21, 2021
Salma Hayek firmly carves her name in industry with immense dedication

Actress Salma Hayek received the Hollywood Walk of Fame after her outstanding career in the industry.

For the unversed, Salma was publicly given the honour during a special live-streamed event.

As per reports gathered by Today, other famed stars of the industry like Mayor Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles, Oscar-winning filmmaker Chloé Zhao, and comedian Adam Sandler exchanged their greetings and showered praise on her.

During the event, at the end of her speech Salma expressed gratitude to her fans for supporting her in the journey towards success"I want to say to everybody that’s here, all my lovely fans: If you ask yourself what gave me the courage to stay, I say it was you because although they didn’t know me, here in Hollywood, the studios, all the Latins that are in the United States knew who I was. They understood that I came here with dreams like they did.”

Fans gushed over her achievements.

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