Kim Kardashian keeping relationship with Pete Davidson ‘completely low-key

Melanie Aiden|November 20, 2021
Kim Kardashian keeping relationship with Pete Davidson ‘completely low-key’

Insiders reveal Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson have very ‘low-key- intentions for their blooming relationship.

An insider close to Page Six made this admission and during an interview they admitted, the couple “wants to keep it as private and low-key as possible.”

At the moment, “They’re still getting to know each other, and want as little pressure as possible.” Hence “They’re trying to keep it under wraps.”

All of these precautions are being observed in light of the fact that, even though “They’re dating. There’s no formal title. They’re dating and getting to know each other — still figuring it out.”

While spilling some insights into Davidson’s personality, the insider also explained, “He’s so funny and is a really good person. All of the friends love him. He’s the sweetest person.”

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