Adele shares insecurities she struggles with despite 100-pound weight loss

Melanie Aiden|November 19, 2021
Adele shares insecurities she struggles with despite 100-pound weight loss

Renowned singer Adele recently highlighted some of her insecurities after losing over 100 pounds.

The singer revealed it all while speaking to The Face for their latest issue and started it all off by detailing an experience where she was asked to wear something that highlighted her arms.

At the time “I was like: ’I ain’t showing my arms! Are you mad?‘ I’ve never liked my arms, ever, and I still don’t like my arms. It goes back to that thing of being thin and being happy.”

“Yeah, my arms are half the size, don’t mean I [expletive] like them! [expletive] hate my feet still.”

However, one positive change she’s experienced is that “There’s so much jewellery I can’t wear [now] because of my hands. No one tells you that when someone loses weight.”

“Not that I was trying to lose weight. But my rings don’t fit me anymore. Things that were gifts for my 21st birthday, I can’t [expletive] wear.”

Even though she got to buy “a whole new wardrobe,” it cost her a number of memories.

“I used to love a smock. I can’t wear them no more, they make me look a bit weird. I had to get rid of a lot of clothes that I had great memories in. There were elements like that.”

But despite it all, “I like feeling strong, I really do. I love it. I was lifting weights this morning, and I’ve gone up from what I was doing a couple of weeks ago.”

“When I feel that I have the weight of the world – of my world at least – on my shoulders, I can handle it a bit more because I’ve gone up 10 pounds with my weights. It really was just a metaphor for surviving.”

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