Carrie Underwood reveals her husband Mike Fishers ‘peculiar habits

Celebpost Desk|October 22, 2021
Carrie Underwood reveals her husband Mike Fisher’s ‘ peculiar’ habits

Carrie Underwood pointed out various flaws in her husband Mike Fisher in a recent video.

The country singer made a video snippet of Things I wouldn't put up with if I did not love himin celebration of her new song If I Did not Love You where she called out her husband’s irritating habits.

As per reports, Carrie said, “I am quite annoyed by his dead things on the wall such a stuffed and mounted deer heads, a turkey and a taxidermied coyote.”

“He has this habit of putting filthy clothes on the floor and his expensive hat collection.”

To these revelations, fans penned in comments.

One wrote, "I can't with the dead things everywhere.”

Another said, "That must be real love."

The couple have been together for 11 years now which showcased their love despite each other's quirks.

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