Miley Cyrus expresses the growing need for ‘more competition in music

Melanie Aiden|October 20, 2021
Miley Cyrus expresses the growing need for ‘more competition' in music

Miley Cyrus recently highlighted the importance of having some sort of healthy competition within the entertainment industry.

The pop icon expressed her desires candidly during a chat with country singer and artist Mickey Guyton for the Rolling Stone Musicians on Musicians cover interview.

She started off the conversation by expressing her desire to constantly ‘strive for greatness’ and was also quoted saying, "I don't even feel that it's enough for me to be considered one of the best rock singers of this generations, because there's not enough of them and I want more competition. Not only do I want to share my light, but I love competition."

Miley has donned many hats during the course of her career, from teen pop star to the hip-hop artist and '80s glam rocker she has grown into, in recent years.

However, Miley believes it's important to not stand alone and unopposed. "I want other people that are like me around, so I know that I deserve my place because I'm fighting for it all the time.”

"That's the way I think. I have no desire to be the best because I want to get better. And you don't want to be the best because you're the only."

She also concluded by admitting, "You're opening a door and you want to let people in. One is the loneliest number. We need to be stronger together. Open the door, but open the ring, too."

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