Squid Game director lost over six teeth to stress while filming

Melanie Aiden|October 17, 2021
'Squid Game' director lost over six teeth to stress while filming

Squid Game' director Hwang Dong-hyuk reveals he ended up losing over six of his teeth as a result of the stress of filming.

He opened up about it all while speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, and was even quoted saying, "Yeah, I mean, as you said, this was a nine-episode series and I was the only one who was writing the scripts and directing the whole thing, so it was a really physically, mentally, emotionally challenging task.”

"And the story doesn't exactly have the simplest concept, so as we were going along, new ideas were coming to me, or I would see flaws that I felt needed to be corrected, so I was, in fact, revising the script as I was filming the whole series.”

He concluded by noting, "So that's partly why I had a huge amount of stress, which led to me losing six teeth during production, which I've mentioned in some other interviews.”

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