‘Squid Game officially becomes Netflixs most-watched show with 111 million views

Celebpost Desk|October 14, 2021
‘Squid Game’ officially becomes Netflix's most-watched show with 111 million views

South Korean thriller drama series Squid Game has officially become Netflix’s biggest original series launch, announced the streaming giant.

"Squid Game has officially reached 111 million fans — making it our biggest series launch ever!" Netflix shared on Wednesday, via Twitter.

Netflix, which releases only certain viewership metrics and data, shared the milestone through a video. In the video, the announcer thanked fans their support.

"I would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to you all," the announcer being in the video. The scenes and visuals from the show played along with the announcement. The announcer continued, "111 million of you have joined the ranks of the VIPs, making Squid Game our No. 1 show in the world." "And for the rest of you," the announcer continued, "Will you seize the opportunity to join the game?"

The Korean show has become a worldwide sensation for Netflix since its premiere in September. The series ruled on the top spot in 90 countries and created new records for the streaming giant.

The series reached that total in just 27 days, since its release on Sept. 17, easily surpassing the U.K. costume drama Bridgerton, which was streamed by 82 million accounts in its first 28 days.

According to Reuters, the dystopian drama has inspired countless memes, Halloween costumes of the ubiquitous green tracksuits worn by contestants and real world recreations of the various games including the honey comb recipes going viral on social media.

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