Queen Elizabeths religious faith helps her in dealing with Royal scandals

Samantha David|October 11, 2021
Queen Elizabeth’s religious faith helps her in dealing with Royal scandals

During a conversation with Fox News, Matthew Dennison shared how Queen Elizabeth manages to stay strong and calm amid the royal scandals.

He said, “She has a strong religious faith. One of the things that the queen has done is pray throughout all of this.”

The royal biographer went on, “She also has a loyal, supportive group of private secretaries, ladies in waiting and devoted friends who have been a strong system around her. She also has the support of her close-knit family.”

Dennison added, "She finds it difficult to confront difficult issues. I think she has gotten better over time. She has a connection with the divine. She is a monarch who made a promise before God to fulfill her duty. And it’s a promise she has taken very seriously in her life.”

He asserted, “Even as a young woman, she has faced an overwhelming expectation on what kind of queen she should be… She has embraced that role."

He added further, “There wasn’t ever a realistic expectation that the death of the Duke of Edinburgh would lead the queen to abdicate.”

Dennison shared, "In the very few times she has spoken about it to her close friends, she has always been quite clear that the promises she made in her coronation are binding. These are promises she made to God in the church. These are holy promises. She’s always said she would abdicate only if she got Alzheimer’s disease, a stroke, or something that would leave her incapacitated in some way. But this role is for life.”

He went on to say, "There are two other very significant deaths in her life that shaped her in the later years – the death of her mother at 101 and then the death of her beloved sister Princess Margaret a few weeks before that.”

The expert concluded, "The queen’s response to both of those tragic losses was to keep going with the job at hand. Therefore, I’m not at all surprised that this has been her response to the duke’s death, too. It doesn’t mean that she isn’t feeling it very deeply.”

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