Dwayne Johnsons daughter treats him to hilarious ‘torture of ‘Row Your Boat loop

Melanie Aiden|October 10, 2021
Dwayne Johnson’s daughter treats him to hilarious ‘torture’ of ‘Row Your Boat’ loop

Dwayne Johnson leaves fans in fits after showing off his gold medal at the patient daddy Olympics with daughter Jasmine and her hilariously ‘torturous’ 15-minute concert of Row Row Row Your Boat.

The actor-turned-rapper flexed his patience with daughter Jasmine 15-minute long concert of Row Row Row Your Boat on Instagram.

The video took fans by storm the moment it went live and many couldn’t hold in their laughter over Dwayne’s hilarious torture.

The Rock even explained his predicament in detail in the caption that read, “Keep in mind I started shooting this after 15 minutes straight of listening to this song.”

Not only that “I even tried to draw the note out at the end to give the feeling that the song was ending… Clearly it wasn’t. Ever. Going. To. End.”

He concluded his little walk down parenting avenue with parting words of wisdom that claimed, “Sometimes we just gotta sit back, laugh and surrender to rowing the boat gently down the [expletive] stream”.

Check it out below:

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