Machine Gun Kelly releases details into an upcoming new album

Melanie Aiden|October 09, 2021
Machine Gun Kelly releases details into an upcoming new album

Machine Gun Kelly recently got candid about his intentions to drop a full album release regarding his upcoming content.

Kelly addressed his plans for the release while speaking to Willie Geist during the course of his interview on Sunday TODAY.

There he was quoted saying, “It feels like I got struck by lightning during that Tickets album, something happened to me and I haven't been the same since. I've realized something about myself — that it's dangerous.”

The Papercuts singer also went on to say, “Cause I'm not scared anymore, there's nothing holding me back from being my true self — and my true self can't be silenced, can't be restrained. It's a force, it's like a hurricane. Can't stop that, it just goes until it feels like stopping, and I don't feel like stopping anytime soon.”

Before concluding he added, “It feels more guitar-heavy for sure, lyrically it definitely goes deeper — but I never like to do anything the same. Every album is a juxtaposition of the last album. So I went and studied Tickets, and I heard the bright sound that I had, and for this album, I just turned the lights off.”

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