Doja Cat opens up about her troubled life: ‘I am not happy

Celebpost Desk|October 08, 2021
Doja Cat opens up about her troubled life: ‘I am not happy’

Singer Doja Cat updated fans on her recent confessions as she penned a heartfelt plea on social media.

The singer’s life in the spotlight has been a roller coaster ride and she now wants a short break to reflect on herself amid busy work schedules.

The Get Into It singer took to her social media handle and penned a note stating, “Im just tired and i don't want to do anything. i'm not happy. :\ I’m done saying yes to toxicity cuz I cant even have a week to just chill. I'm never not working. im f–king tired. Alex is getting old. He's 68 years old and I can't even be there for him. I wanna be alone.”

She further added, “Its not anybody else’s fault but mine anyway i just keep agreeing to stuff i don't wanna do in the future. its my own dumb ass fault. and then im too tired to put any effort into this s–t cuz im so run down from everything else. I dont care anymore, man.”

Fans came forward to empathize with the singer as they showered her post with love.

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