Cardi B shows off Selena Gomezs baby gift: ‘Thank you

Melanie Aiden|October 07, 2021
Cardi B shows off Selena Gomez’s baby gift: ‘Thank you’

Cardi B thanks Selena Gomez for gifting her newborn son a ‘beautiful basket of goodies in celebration of his birth.

The star showed the gift off on Instagram and continued to gush over the thoughtful gesture.

The video was captured by PopCrave, on their official Twitter channel.

In it Cardi could be heard saying, “I got this beautiful gift basket. ... with this little bear from Selena Gomez.”

“It's so cute, and it's got treats for me when, you know, I'm rocking the baby to sleep at night.”

She concluded by adding, “You know I get hungry in the nighttime. This is so cute. Thank you, Selena Gomez! You're so adorable”.

Check it out below:

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