Olivia Rodrigo shares the ‘dark side of growing up in social media age

Celebpost Desk|September 28, 2021

Olivia Rodrigo shares the‘ dark side’ of growing up in social media age

Singer Olivia Rodrigo revealed the social media pressure she has to face as a young artist in this era.

Not only Rodrigo but many other celebrities have been a victim of some sort of social media bullying or trolling.

The 18-year-old has just started her career and with all the stardom she is achieving Rodrigo tries to take "one step at a time" when it comes to absorbing all the attention she receives and all the fan following.

In a chat with Vogue Singapore, Rodrigo said, "It’s hard to grow up on social media. Even now, I still struggle with it. You look at social media and see the perfect parts of people’s lives and it’s so hard not to compare your life to theirs. It’s even weird for me to see my Instagram page; that’s what people think of me but that doesn’t feel like me. I wish they knew the real me."

The Good 4 You singer added, “Even though social media comes with its own perils, it has also become the platform to initiate change.”

For those unversed, Rodrigo gained massive acclaim with her song Drivers Licence and debut album Sour which topped charts.

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