Future of monarchy depends on Prince William: Source

Samantha David|September 24, 2021
Future of monarchy depends on Prince William: Source

According to Express, Royal expert and commentator Robert Jobson has revealed that Prince William has more chances of becoming future king that his father Prince Charles.

Jobson said, “He was certainly at the meetings where the Queen was obviously the person that ruled overall, but let's be honest, when the Queen passes, Prince Charles is not going to probably be on the throne for very long.”

He added, “He's a man who is 72 now, it's in the lap of the gods, but he's 72 now so the future of the monarchy really rests on the shoulders of Prince William and the Cambridge family.”

While referring to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the expert further added, “So really, a lot of decisions he will be consulted on, and I know that his position was very strong that you can't have it both ways.”

He concluded, “You can't be half in, half out because you can't be seen to be making money commercially, but at the same time saying you're serving the people because you can't get paid by both.”

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