‘Friends: Courtney Cox shares viral throwback clip

Celebpost Desk|September 24, 2021

'Friends’: Courtney Cox shares viral throwback clip

Star Courtney Cox treated fans with a throwback interview clip promoting her series Friends27 years ago.

In the clip at Jay Leno’s talk show Courtney detailed the roles and what the entire series entailed.

Courtney took to IG, shared the snippet and captioned it, "When it all started.”

In the show, Courtney was spotted in her Monica Gellar look and said, "Friends is a great show. It's about six unique characters and are all friends and it's really, truly a situation comedy, just different situations they get into and we're all in our I want to say late 20s, but... I'm 30."

The famed sitcom premiered on September 22, 1994 and carried on until 2006 for a whole 10 seasons.

Recently, the gang met for the reunion special episode.

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