Heres why Queen is not happy with Prince Charles

Samantha David|September 20, 2021
Here’s why Queen is not happy with Prince Charles

Royal expert and commentator Neil Sean appeared in an interview with Express UK and claimed that Queen Elizabeth doesn’t approve of Prince Charles’ idea of transforming family home into museum.

He was quoted saying, “This will not be happening anytime soon, particularly while we still have our gracious Majesty the Queen with us.”

He added, “She's not very keen on that particular idea and believes of course, that it should remain a family home of sorts.”

Sean further added, “Her Majesty the Queen will go between Windsor Castle, which she considers her main London base, and spending two to four days a week also out at the re-renovated Buckingham Palace.”

He concluded, “So for now, whatever you're reading, it doesn't look like Prince Charles is going to be getting his own way anytime soon.”

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