Shawn Mendess obsession with music prevents him from finding new interests

Celebpost Desk|September 20, 2021
Shawn Mendes’s obsession with music prevents him from finding new interests

Singer Shawn Mendes opened up on his struggles of finding an activity outside of music as he was in search of something new.

For Mendes, it had been quite difficult to put the guitar down and venture into a completely new hobby.

In a chat with Spout Podcast via Just Jared Shawn said, “I mean, I think Game the real reality is that I struggle to put down the guitar and I struggle to figure out what to do besides my job and besides music, and like, I’m just completely obsessed with it.”

Although, Mendes did take up archery after watching The Game Of Thrones. Regarding this, the Senorita singer added, “Archery was from watching all seasons of Game of Thrones and that was just trying to live out a Rob Stark life.”

“So for better or for worse, I am searching for a hobby at the moment but like, I think that, for me, it’s just like, exploring, like, all those things are just exploring for me and I think that something’s probably going to click sooner or later but until then, I’m going to stick to coffee and working out and I’m working out most days.”

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