‘Gossip Girl Reboot: Ariana Grandes music sends shock waves into her, ‘Had a heart attack

Celebpost Desk|September 12, 2021

‘Gossip Girl Reboot’: Ariana Grande’s music sends shock waves into her, ‘Had a heart attack’

Singer Ariana Grande opened up on her reaction after hearing her own song Positions while she binge watched the HBO MAX series, Gossip Girl.

The song came at a very crucial point and Ariana was not happy with what she heard.

In a chat with Allure as per E!News, Ariana recalled her reaction , "Excuse me! Does anyone want to warn me when f------ titles are going to come in and Kristen Bell's voice is going to start saying Gossip Girl stuff and my song's going to be in the background?"

She added, “Does anyone want to just warn me? Because I had a heart attack. You know, like, I was a young girl watching Gossip Girl religiously growing up. And then I'm sitting here..."

The second half of season 1 of Gossip Girl will be aired in November as the show has been revamped for its second season.

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