Britney Spears shares details on her foot injury

Celebpost Desk|September 12, 2021
Britney Spears shares details on her foot injury

Britney Spears shared a picture of her tiny puncture hole injury on the sole of her foot as she stepped on a nail.

Taking to her IG story, Britney posted a close up of her foot.

She captioned the picture and wrote, 'OUCH guys... I stepped on a nail... guess you can say I nailed it [wink emoji, shrug emoji, laugh emoji]!!!!!'

The singer’s 33.9 million Instagram followers were instantly let in on the latest.

In the recent past, Britney has suffered a lot in terms of her conservatorship hearing issues and the struggle to take her father’s name out of it but her friends and boyfriend Sam Asghari supported her on every step.

Her fans came forward to wish her health and many expressed sadness at the incident.

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