Heres why Prince Harry felt ‘uncomfortable in his own skin

Samantha David|September 08, 2021
Here’s why Prince Harry felt ‘uncomfortable’ in his own skin

Royal commentator Angela Levin appeared in an interview with the Express and shared her thoughts about Prince Harry wanting to be something else other than being member of Royal family.

Levin claimed the Duke of Sussex desires to be something other than himself which may have made him “uncomfortable in his own skin.”

In her 2019 book, Levin wrote, “His ‘ordinariness’ can only be a feature while he has access to several palaces, is ferried around in limousines with blackened windows accompanied by outriders, and uses his incredible contacts to get what he wants.”

She added, “The top people he knows cover a wide cross-section and many do somersaults to ensure his wishes come true.”

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