Elizabeth Banks opens up about having insecurities in past

Samantha David|July 31, 2021
Elizabeth Banks opens up about having insecurities in past

On Audible original podcast My Body, My Podcast, Elizabeth Banks admitted being insecure about her acne and chicken legs.

While talking about big dance at school with a boyfriend who was sweet to her, Banks shared, “Images of myself have always affected me.”

She continued, “This is before social media. I confronted a photo of myself after the fact, way after the fact, and it changed my entire perception of the night I had.”

She added, “On the night I experienced this dance, I had an amazing time. I got that photo and all I could think about was, ‘Oh my God, all anybody was looking at was my chicken legs and my raging acne, and my shiny forehead.’ The fact that it could ruin an evening for me still strikes me. I can still feel that feeling.”

Moreover, after reflecting on the situation, Banks said, “ Self-images are incredibly powerful and there are never more images being made than now, and never more tools, like filters and Photoshop, to alter those images. It’s important to be reminded that images aren’t our bodies. They’re just pictures of our bodies.”

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