‘Its hurtful to not know sooner says Brody Jenner to ex Kaitlynn Carters pregnancy

Celebpost Desk|July 30, 2021

‘It's hurtful to not know sooner’ says Brody Jenner to ex Kaitlynn Carter’s pregnancy

Model and star Brody Jenner seemed to be disappointed on learning of his ex wife Kaitlynn Carter’s pregnancy news doing rounds on social media and wished he was among the first ones to know.

Kaitlyn Carter is expecting a child from new boyfriend Kristopher Brock and ex Brody is not at all happy.

According to E! News, Brody admitted, "Of course it's hurtful to see all of these other people that seem to know that she's pregnant and not me, having a baby was such a big part of our relationship and talk in our relationship. I don't need to be the first one to know but I think I should be in the top 10."

Kaitlynn was reluctant to break the news to ex Brody as they planned on having a child before and this news would have been the final rift in their relationship as good friends after the split.

Kaitlynn said, "It's just a big thing to share with somebody. It feels like one final nail in the coffin."

Recently, in an interview with Hillcast Podcast, Kaitlynn expressed her feelings on being a mom. She said, “I’m just really excited.”

Kaitlynn Carter is an American blogger and business executive.

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