‘Kissing Booth: Joey King shares memorable moments from film series

Celebpost Desk|July 30, 2021

‘Kissing Booth’: Joey King shares memorable moments from film series

Joey King, Kissing Booth star, recalled her favourite memories which were created working on the sets of the film and shared them in the latest interaction.

The 21-year-old actress will be saying her final goodbyes after the third and final episode of the Netflix film series which airs on August 11.

In a chat with Entertainment Tonight, Joey King said, "There are so many it's crazy, I always laughed on set. One memory that comes to mind was learning all the dance scenes with Joel [Courtney] for the first movie. We were so exhausted and delirious that we decided to do all of our dance choreography like we were made of jelly. Our limbs were spinning all over the place, and it was the most ridiculous but fun thing ever. One of my all-time favourite memories."

Kissing Booth revolved around the story of Elle Evans (Joey King) who is caught up in a decision of either shifting across the nation with her boyfriend Noah ( Jacob Elordi) or honouring an oath she had taken to attend the same university as her long term best friend Lee(Courtney).

For those unversed, Joey had been featured with her ex-boyfriend Jacob Elordi in the film series as the duo had dated in real life but called it quits before the shooting of the series began.

In regards to co-starring with her ex-boyfriend Joey concluded, “Working alongside Jacob was not easy, but I did not want my personal life to get in the way of my career.”

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