Iconic inventor Ron Popeil dies at 86

Celebpost Desk|July 29, 2021
Iconic inventor Ron Popeil dies at 86

Well known television personality and inventor Ron Popeil reportedly died on Wednesday morning in Los Angeles at the Cedars- Sinai medical centre at 86.

Popeil was widely known for his catchphrases "set it and forget it”, “but wait there’s more” and “less shipping and handling.’’

He appeared in numerous infomercials. For those unversed, infomercials are advertising films which promote products in an informational and objective way.

Ron used to sell his major catchphrase to the Showtime Rotisserie which grossed around $1 billion.

The late inventor started off with selling kitchen products in Chicago before his sales became the must-see-live entertainment for thousands.

The products widely sold by his company RONCO, included Popeil’s Pocket Fisherman, Mr. Microphone, Hair in a Can, Inside the eggshell egg scrambler and more.

For those unaware, Ron has left behind his wife Robin and daughters as well as his grandchildren.

The cause of his death still remains unknown.

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